External Door Blank (Solid Core)


£81.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Thickness: 44mm

  • Material: Hardwood face

  • Finish: Supplied ready to finish

  • Construction: Plywood veneer over a solid timber core

  • Adjustment: There is NO Maximum these doors can be trimmed by

About this door

The External Door Blank is a hardwood faced 45mm solid core door.

Having a solid timber core these doors have the benefit of being very secure and the ability to be cut down to any size, ideal for narrow non-standard doorways.

These doors have been engineered to be lightweight for transportation and health an safety reasons.
Whilst being lighter than older specifications, this doesn't impact on quality, nor change the fact that this is a strong, secure, solid timber core door.


Supplied unfinished & able to accept either a paint or stain finish of your choice.

The correct storage, fitting and finishing of your new door/s are very important factors in getting the best out of your purchase.

We would always recommend reading our Door Care information which can be viewed by Clicking Here, along with any additional manufacturers documentation supplied with the door itself.

If there is anything you are unsure of, you are more than welcome to give us a call to discuss on 0114 2557800 or drop us an email at info@doordeals.co.uk.

Things we thought you may need to know!

These doors are made from solid timber strips meaning you can trim them to whatever size you require without detriment to the construction. There is NO Maximum Or Minimum amount you can trim from these doors.

Customer reviews

Overall rating:
  • on 06 Apr 2016
  • on 03 Jul 2015
    "I haven't fitted it yet but I have cut the height and width to the size I require . I have fitted 3 hinges to it and fitted it to a resized door frame and primed it in 2 coats . I've cut the door lock holes too . So far everything is brilliant .the door is in its frame and on the floor in the garage till I hire an allsaw to cut the door hole in the brick wall."
  • on 24 Apr 2015
  • on 02 Mar 2015
  • on 02 Mar 2015
    "excellent door and good value for money, delivery excellent very pleased with service and would highly recommend company"
  • on 27 Jan 2015
    "A solid door of good construction. Ideal for a rear outside door. Although rather heavy a pleasure to install. I used it for the rear door to my garage. Also a very competitive price."
  • on 13 Jan 2015
  • on 05 Nov 2014
  • on 25 Jun 2014
    "An excellent door that exactly fitted our requirements for a slightly over the standard door size. The carpenter had no problem cutting and fitting the door."
  • on 19 Jun 2014