Best Wooden Front Door Locks


Recently, we got in touch with a number of home lock experts and had a chat about the most effective locks to secure the average person’s home.

Miles and the Technical Team at Keytek had some really useful answers…

What is the best lock for securing wooden doors?

We advise British Standard locks. There are so many different lock types available it would be difficult say which is best, but using British Standard is definitely what you should be looking to do.

When securing any exit door of a property you should always look to have a lock bearing the British Standard Kite mark. This indicates that the lock has been tested and subsequently approved by the BSI to the current standard for the locks on wooden doors (which is BS:3621). This is the minimum standard that a good UK home insurer will ask for in order meet their criteria to and provide you with a policy.

British Standard locks are widely available for all types of doors, not just wooden doors- just look for the BS Kite mark. 

What are the pros and cons of a British Standard lock?

The pros of having a British Standard lock fitted far outweigh any cons. Not only do they offer a higher level of security than standard locks, they are also a great deterrent to any intruders who were hoping for an easy to manipulate lock. BSI locks can also be easily retrofitted to replace an existing lock. 

There is a cost involved in having your locks upgraded to British Standard hardware or specifying that you want British Standard hardware to be fitted to a new front door, which in some ways may be viewed as a con, but in the grand scheme of things the costs are insignificant in ensuring the protection of your property.