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Freefold internal door sets

Freefold door sets are a clever way to turn one room into two, or two rooms into one, whenever you like. If you are hosting a party or large family gathering and need to maximise space and accessibility, you can open your freefold doors all the way to create a pleasant open space. You can do this without needing to keep that wide space permanently open. 

There are numerous freefold door configurations to choose from depending on the frame size you select. Our internal folding doors are available in frames containing from 2 to 8 folding door panels. The more panels you choose, the wider the potential space that can be created is.

Our 8-door frames can accommodate a space of up to 4,950mm (195”), while our 2-door frames are limited at 1,278mm (50”). The more doors in your folding door set, the wider the potential space.

Internal Door FAQs

For more information on the wide range of internal doors we have in stock, please see our Internal Door FAQs.

Trufold internal door sets

Whereas freefold internal doors are slid open from the middle of the door, like a set of standard double doors, Trufold (TF) doors open from the side using a top-hung roller system for smooth fingertip opening and closing action.

This means you can choose between opening a single panel at one side for use as a standard door, or sliding the entire door set to one side, thereby creating a grand open space. One or two of the door leaves (depending on size chosen) can be used as a daily access door for convenient entry and exit without having to open the whole of the set each time. This is highly practical for both everyday use and special occasions.

Roomfold internal door sets

Another useful internal folding door set we provide is the Roomfold system. Like the above, this is a top hung system, so there is no need for a track at floor level. Roomfold doors operate in a similar way to Trufold doors, but also allow for between 12mm and 19mm of clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor beneath – this helps accommodate a range of thicker floor coverings.