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Stains, Paints and Finishes

The perfect finishing touch for a stunning wooden door. We sell an excellent range of finishes that are compatible with each of the doors we sell. Browse our full selection of stains, paints and other finishes now.

Door Handles

A well-chosen door needs a suitable handle. Choosing the right handles can elevate the appearance of your door and enhance both the design and character of your entire home. We have nearly 200 door handles available to browse, from traditional and classic, to simple and contemporary, with some more daring designs too! Browse our full range today.


The most important function of an external door is to keep your home safe and secure. Our extensive range of locks and security mechanisms will help keep your doors secure and your property well protected. Browse our full range now, including bolts, latches and mechanical locks.

Door Furniture

Our door furniture covers a useful array of functional and decorative purposes. Here you can find keyholes and escutcheons, door chains, ball bearing hinges, signage, letter boxes and more. Browse the full range today. Door furniture is also available in complete packs to take the hassle out of choosing individual items.