Impranol Elan Top Coat - Chestnut

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  • Application: External

About this product

Impranol Elan - Chestnut is a solvent-based stain for wood used outdoors. Used for protecting and decorating wood, this product contains no biocides.

Particularly suitable to be used on elements which have to maintain their dimensional stability, such as doors, this product has excellent, long-lasting protection against weathering.

  • Extended resistance to weather and UV with light-resistant pigments
  • Especially suitable for elements which have to maintain dimensional stability (e.g. doors and windows)
  • Easy to apply - good for spraying and brushing
  • Dry to touch in approx 6 hours, can be overpainted in approx 12 hours

Produced in Germany, Impranol is a high-performance product which offers a translucent finish allowing you to enhance the natural grain of the timber.

This product is a great choice to not only protect but enhance the look of your external door. This Chestnut stain will create a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Impranol is a 2 part system, to obtain maximum durability and a great finish, first, apply a base coat of Impranol Colour and then three coats of Impranol Elan.


Impranol Elan - Chestnut achieves a chestnut finish similar to the sample below:

Impranol Colour - Chestnut

Please note: Colours shown are indicative only, different timbers will take colours differently.
We advise doing a sample before fully applying.

Impranol is easy to apply and can be either brushed or sprayed to achieve the required finish.

The surface should be dry, clean and offer good adhesion.

Using a flat brush, the product should be applied following the direction of the fibres. This product should not be applied at temperatures less than 5 degrees Celsius or in blazing sun.

Under normal weather conditions, the finish will be dry to the touch after approximately 6 hours and able to be overpainted after approximately 12 hours.

To obtain maximum durability and a great finish, first, apply a base coat of Impranol Colour and then two coats of Impranol Elan.

For safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release, please refer to the safety guidelines which can be downloaded via the following link: Safety Information.

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