Ready Made Hardwood Single Door Frame


£69.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Sizes: Sizes shown in drop down are door size

  • Material: Engineered Hardwood

  • Finish: Ready to finish

  • Construction: Mortice & Tenon

  • Footnote: Supplied with Cill but can be used without.

  • Opening: Suitable to open IN or OUTWARDS

About this frame

This Ready Made Hardwood Door Frame is the perfect match for external doors of any style or material.

Suitable for usage with inwards or outward opening doors, this frame is available in different size options from door widths at 30" to 36" so it can work to fit the space you have in your home.

Designed for extra stability and made from kiln-dried red-hardwood, these frames will be supplied flat packed ready for assembly and final finishing.

This door frame features a nylon rubber draft seal (sold separately, please choose from the dropdown box above) which creates a seal between the door and frame to ensure heat is not lost from your home.

A reversible door cill is included with the frame, featuring a groove to fit a plastic or timber water bar, which is supplied within the package.

Choosing your size

The size you choose from the dropdown box above is NOT the outside measurement of the frame. It represents the size of the actual door. For example the "brick to brick" (overall door & frame dimension) of a frame to suit a 30" x 78" door would be 33.5" x 81.5" which is an addition of 3.5" on to both the width & the height.

Door Size Overall External Door & Frame Dimensions
30" x 78"
762mm x 1981mm
33.5" x 81.5"
851mm x 2070mm
32" x 80"
813mm x 2032mm
35.5" x 83.5"
902mm x 2121mm
33" x 78"
838mm x 1981mm
36.5" x 81.5"
927mm x 2070mm
34" x 82"
864mm x 2082mm
37.5" x 85.5"
952.5mm x 2172mm
36" x 78"
915mm x 1981mm
39.5" x 81.5"
1003mm x 2070mm
36" x 84"
915mm x 2134mm
39.5" x 87.5"
1003mm x 2222.5mm

Once you've identified the size you require, please select it from the "Size:" dropdown.

Section sizes:


This Door frame is constructed from a kild-dried, Red Engineered Hardwood and is supplied ready-to-finish. External door frames are suitable be stained or painted to suit your preferences. We recommend the use of oil based finishes. For more details please see our door care leaflet in the FAQ's

Things we thought you might need to know!

This frame comes flat packed. It has a mortice and tenon construction ready to be glued, wedged and screwed together.

Should you require any further information about this product or anything else, please contact one of the sales team on 01142 557 800 or Email we are here to help!

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