Internal Softwood 30 Minute Fire Door Casing


£51.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Wall Thickness: 110mm,133mm & 150mm

  • Material: Softwood

  • Finish: Ready to finish

  • Fire Rating: FD30 - 30 Minutes

About this frame

The Internal Softwood 30 Minute Fire Door Casing is designed to meet with all current fire testing criteria to BS 476 part 22 and meets with "certifire" approval for 30 minute fire protection. The frames come trenched out to accept the included 15mm x 4mm self adhesive intumescent strips with brushes - Please advise us if you would prefer these without the brushes.

The heads of these frames are 1050mm long and are Trenched out to suit doors of up to 926mm wide. These can easily be cut down to suit narrower doors. Legs are 2050mm.

This frame is available in options to suit different wall thicknesses.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x head at 1050mm (Trenched to suit a maximum of 926mm)
  • 2 x legs at 2050mm
  • 3 x 2050mm lengths of intumiscent strip



These casings are supplied unfinished meaning they can be finished to match any décor. They can be stained or painted to the customers preference.

Things we thought you might need to know

If you have any enquiries please give us a call on 0114 2557800 or email us at, We are here to help!

Customer reviews

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  • on 17 Sep 2018
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    "Specification and quality as required"
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    "As described on very informative website, excellent delivery with multiple updates. Lots of useful info on delivery note. Probably the best company I've ever ordered from."
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    "All you could wish for."
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    "Good quality & easy to install."
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