Internal Hardwood Pair Maker


£75.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Length: to suit 78" doors

  • Material: Hardwood

  • Finish: Ready to finish

  • Footnote: Suitable for doors of 35mm thickness

About this product

The Internal Hardwood Pair Maker is a flexible solution for anyone looking to create a pair of doors from standard doors. This pair maker will allow the creation of a door pair with any 35mm thick internal doors within our range.

No rebating of any doors is required as the pair maker is designed to act as the rebate.

Fitting the pair maker

The pair maker can be fitted to either a left or right hand door.

For installation apertures, add 10mm to the overall width of the two doors (not including clearance).

Things we thought you may need to know!

Should you require any further information about this product or anything else, please contact one of the sales team on 01142 557 800 or Email we are here to help!