Hardwood Weatherboard


£7.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Length: 36" Long

  • Material: Solid Hardwood

About these Weatherboards

These clever Hardwood Weatherboards are used to offer extra protection to your door and frame. These Weatherboards are small and pleasant on the eye, they can be used with any Hardwood doors that we offer. The Weatherboards we offer will simply redirect the rain straight off your door rather than going through the bottom of your door; thus preventing water damage.

We also offer Weatherboard’s for the bottom of all doors in Oak and Softwood. Aswell as smaller Oak/Hardwood weatherboard’s to protect the centre of your stable doors.

Please Note: The profile/shape of the weatherboards you receive may differ from those shown in the images. Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

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