Oak La Porte French Door Set


£1,207.95 (inc vat)

Key Features

  • Door Thickness: 54mm

  • Material: Engineered White oak

  • Finish: Pre-Finished

  • Glazing: Low-E Double Glazing

  • U-Value: 1.7W/m2K

  • Opening: Suitable to open inward or outwards.

About this Door Set

The Pre-Finished La Porte Oak French Door Set is an ideal way to increase light into your home whilst creating a stylish and aesthetically pleasing entrance.

Featuring a multipoint locking system for extra security, the French door sets are supplied with all hardware and a matching frame. Chrome or Brass hardware is available so you can tailor the sets to your preference.


With a U-Value of 1.7W/m2K, these French door sets are pre-glazed with 24mm thick toughened, Low-E Argon filled double glazed units.


All the hardware required is supplied with the La Porte Vista Doorsets and is available in a choice of either a Brass or Chrome finish. Please select the finish you would require from the drop down box above.

Size Options

The Pre-Finished Oak La Porte French Door Sets are available in different size options to suit your opening. Please pay particular attention to the approximate Brickwork Dimensions below when choosing a size to suit your situation.

French Doors

Product Name External Frame Size Approx. Brickwork Dimensions
La Porte 4' 4' - 2074mm x 1190mm 2084mm x 1200mm
La Porte 5' 5' - 2074mm x 1490mm 2084mm x 1500mm
La Porte 6' 6' - 2074mm x 1790mm 2084mm x 1800mm


These French door sets are supplied fully pre-finished, saving you time and meaning the sets are ready to hang.

The correct storage, fitting and finishing of your new door/s are very important factors in getting the best out of your purchase.

We would always recommend reading our Door Care information which can be viewed by Clicking Here, along with any additional manufacturers documentation supplied with the door itself.

If there is anything you are unsure of, you are more than welcome to give us a call to discuss on 0114 2557800 or drop us an email at info@doordeals.co.uk.

Things we thought you may need to know!

These doors are manufactured using LVL (Laminated Veneered Lumber). LVL or more commonly known as engineered timber is a modern method of construction that is economical with the use of natural timber resources. The main parts & rails of the door are usually constructed using solid strips/blocks of timber (some internals may contain a laminated board and/or particleboard), which are then glued and then clamped together. They are then faced with a veneer and edged with a solid timber lipping. The benefits of using engineered construction doors over more traditional methods are; The door has a much more uniform look (no mismatched colours/panels, everything matches), It is far more unlikely to twist, split (we do not get problems with panels splitting) and possibly the most important reason is that it is much more Eco friendly!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Customer reviews

Overall rating:
  • on 06 Jun 2012
    "The door is excellent. It looks fantastic and is very good value. Delivery was prompt and efficient. Overall I am very pleased. The only small point of complaint would be the the bolts and screws provided were of somewhat dubious quality (one of the bolts snapped off and two screws heads got mangled before they were fully screwed in). Otherwise, fantastic and I will certainly use you again."