Treatex Hardener


£20.02 (inc vat)

About this product

Treatex Hardener is an additive for usage with Treatex Hardwax Oil Traditional in order to increase mechanical resistance/hardiness of a finished surface.

The Hardener solution can be used in one or all coats of Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear and is intended for usage in treating high traffic floors and surfaces.

Adding the Treatex Hardener to Treatex Hardwax Oil starts a chemical reaction which can't be stopped, the mixture will set in the tin even with the lid on! The mixture remains usable for up to three hours, so please mix only enough for one coat at a time.


To be used with Treatex Hardwax Oil Traditional.

Safety Information

For safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release, please refer to the following safety guidance which can be downloaded via the following link: Safety Information