Door Hinges

High quality, durable and long-lasting hinges are essential for any internal or external door installation. Hinges connect two objects, such as a door and its frame so that they can be opened and closed. Door hinges come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit your home or other property.

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Types of door hinge

The may all look similar, but there are a variety of different door hinge types and functions available. For best results and functionality, make sure your chosen door is fitted with hinges that are appropriate.

Ball bearing door hinges

Ball bearing hinges, as the name suggests, are equipped with ball bearings. These ball bearings help reduce friction, making these hinges an effective long-lasting solution for avoiding squeaky doors or gates.

Lift off security hinges

Lift off door hinges, also known as slip joint, loose joint, or detachable hinges, are hinges which are designed to allow you to easily lift a door away from its frame without the need to unscrew or remove the hinges. Lift off security hinges also feature a dog bolt for additional security and peace of mind.

Parliament hinge

A parliament hinge is an “H” shaped hinge which is designed to allow doors to swing all the way open and lie flat when open. This 180 degree opening functionality makes parliament hinges ideal for use on French and patio doors where further projection to standard is required.