Door Latches

Door latches are a simple and common door mechanism to help keep doors closed when not in use. Door latches are usually used where no locking system is required and are generally fitted to internal doors. 

There are a variety of different door latches, including tubular and mortice latches. Door latches are designed to be easy to fit and relatively cheap to buy, as their main function is simply holding doors closed rather than door security.

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Types of door latches available

At Doordeals, we sell four main types of door latch. Each has its own practical benefits. Our standard tubular mortice latch is simple, low-cost latch which can be fitted with any lever latch handle, lever on rose handle or doorknob. 

We also stock heavy duty sprung tubular mortice latches, featuring an adjustable strike and guided latch bolt – it also complies with British Standard: BS EN 1634-1.

Our union rebated tubular mortice latch are specifically for use with rebated door pairs, and are tested to over 1,000,000 cycles. Check out our rebated mortice latch too, which helps ensure a neat installation of the tubular mortice latch.