Door Frames and Moulding

A well-chosen door needs the ideal frame and moulding to make it suit your home perfectly. Our extensive range of door frames and accessories helps to create a beautiful and consistent edge to your doors and rooms.

Here you will find internal door frames, external door frames, skirting boards, architraves, weatherboards, thresholds, draught excluders and more.

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Our range of frames & moulding

For more information about each of these items, you can click on the products above, or learn about each product type below. 

Door Frames

For use both internally and externally depending on the type chosen. Door frames allow you to add character and improve the presentation of your doors, while also ensuring your doors fit snugly. This means fewer draughts. Ordering new door frames can also help avoid the hassle of stripping and re-treating your existing frames if they don’t complement your new door.

Skirting Boards

Skirting is the wooden boarding which runs along the base of an interior wall. It is designed to cover and protect the joint between the wall surface and the floor. It can be very difficult to plaster right down to the floor, as floorboards may warp. Skirting covers up any break between the floor and wall.


Architraves are lintels (or beams) which rest on the tops of columns, such as the vertical columns of a door frame. These are designed to offer an aesthetic benefit for the home but are also useful for hiding any gaps between a wall lining, door lamb or window frame.

Weatherboards & Thresholds

Weatherboards offer extra protection for doors and their frames – they are pleasing to the eye and come in a variety of woods. Weatherboards help protect from rain by redirecting rainwater away from the door, rather than letting it beneath. Thresholds are another kind of weather excluder, including storm guards, which are ideal for protection against adverse weather conditions.

Draught Excluders

As the name suggests, draught excluders (also known as weather seals) are designed to eliminate cold draught and prevent or slow down heat loss. They are very useful at conserving energy and helping reduce your energy bills when used on the cracks of doors and windows.