Types of door security mechanisms

There are two primary security mechanisms we sell for both internal and external doors. The lock types within range from simple privacy based security solutions, such as for bathrooms, right up to heavy duty locks designed to prevent forced entry.

Door Bolts

When a simple and keyless solution is required, such as a bathroom door, a straightforward slide, surface or straight bolt can be fixed to your door with very little difficulty. We also stock rack bolts, which are key operated for improved security. Furthermore adding door bolts to other security options can give that extra peace of mind that everyone deserves in their own home.

Deadlocks and Sashlocks

Sashlocks are a secure external lock which uses a lock, latch and handle mechanism within a single unit. A sashlock does not lock automatically, so you don’t need a key every time the door is opened. Perfect for securing french doors and patio doors.

Deadlocks are slightly different in that they can only be operated with a key. We also offer keypad door locks that require a specific code combination instead of a key.

Door Latches

We also sell door latches, which are simple mechanical fasteners that are most commonly used for internal doors where locking is not required. Our latches are compatible with most levers and doorknobs. Latches can be fitted with minimal effort, cutting and drilling, and can be fitted with a slide or surface bolt lock if required.