Door Pull Handles

Pull handles are cleverly designed to make doors effortless to open regardless of their size or weight. This is done by the longer handle spreading the weight of a larger door across a greater area. Pull handles can be commonly found in public or commercial buildings, but they can also be a clever and stylish addition to a residential property.

Door pull handle materials and styles

You may not expect something as simple as a pull handle to have such a wide variety of options to choose from. At Doordeals, we stock pull handles in a generous range of materials, including antique brass, black iron, polished brass and chrome, and satin chrome, nickel and stainless

You can choose from a range of styles too, including simple and clean tubular pull handles and V1155 curved handles. For a more classical touch, try the beautiful Tudor style Fleur de Lys pull handle.

Pull Handles are best used with an automatic door closing mechanism, but this is not essential.