Door Draught Excluders & Seals

Gaps between doors may look insignificant, but if they are too large they can help create draughts. Fortunately, the issues caused by draughts can be easily rectified by installing low-cost draught excluders. 

Draught excluders are designed to eliminate cold draughts and slow down heat loss, making them great for keeping your home and family warm, and to help save money on your heating bills.

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Types of draught excluder

At Doordeals, we supply three essential draught excluders. From us you can order an intumescent strip, which provides a traditional fire, smoke and acoustic seal for fire rated timber door edges and frames. You can also choose a nylon/ rubber weather seal for a non-rot weather seal that will last for years, or a standard “around door” seal, which offers excellent performance that improves as wind pressure increases.

Brush type draught excluders for doors

Brush type draught excluders are best suited to external doors with draughty gaps between the door and floor. The brush type excluders are tough and durable enough to be walked over regularly.

Internal doors should also be draught proofed if they lead to rooms that you use less regularly or do not heat. If you keep your radiators on in your hallway, for example, but do not heat your utility room, draught proofing your doors can prevent the cold air moving into your living room. You do not need draught excluders for doors between rooms that are both regularly heated.