The types of door handles available

Whatever function your door serves, and whatever design it features, there is an ideal door handle for it here. 

Lever latch & lock handles

We offer a massive range of handles suitable for internal or external door fittings, and come in a stunning range of designs, colours and materials to suit your overall look. 

Our lever latch handles, which are available in brass, chrome, bronze, nickel and more, are available with and without lock cut-outs and bathroom turns if required.

You can also choose your lever handles with turn and release locks, which are ideal for toilets and bathrooms, as well as lever lock handles, which allow for the elegant use of a key.


Whether your aesthetic is traditional, modern or somewhere in-between, a well-chosen doorknob is both design and user-friendly. Our range features an assortment of materials and colours, including striking black iron, polished brass and chrome, satin chrome and nickel, and Florentine bronze.

Pull handles

Pull handles are designed to spread the weight of a larger door, making doors effortless to open regardless of their size or mass. They are more commonly used in public or commercial buildings but can be a stylish addition to the home too. The pull handles on sale at Doordeals come in a range of materials, including antique brass, black iron, polished brass and chrome, and satin nickel, chrome and stainless steel.