Door Skirting Boards and Architraves

Skirting boards and architraves offer a splendid finishing touch to a room. These decorative timber trims are placed around door casing and along the base of walls to improve the appearance of your internal joinery.

Each is made from the finest quality oak or softwood that is ready to finish with paint or stain.

More Information

About our skirting boards

Skirting is the timber that is usually placed all along the base of a wall. Because it can be difficult to plaster a wall right down to the floor due to the possibly gaps or uneven edges, skirting is very useful for protecting this joint and ensuring the wall and floor are seamless.

The veneer laminated construction of our skirting boards has the advantage of extra stability and material economy without losing authenticity. Our skirting can be stained, varnished, oiled or waxed to your preference. We recommend a natural, clear finish to show off the beauty of the wood.

About our architraves

Architraves a moulding that is used to frame the rectangular opening that your door is fixed into. It is not to be confused with a door frame or door casing. In addition to door openings, architraves can also be used on windows.

The main reason for the popularity of architraves is the decorative benefit it brings to a room. Architraves provide style and character to your room and can be ordered in a variety of classic or contemporary styles. 

The joins between the door frame and your wall may not be attractive to look at. Small gaps can also appear if shrinkage occurs. An Architrave will mask these kinds of gaps and provides an even, attractive border. Architraves are also useful at helping protect your edges from bumps or knocks.