Bathroom Door Fittings

Bathroom door locks are different to standard locks as they are typically only locked from one side with a latch, rather than a key. Bathroom door handles are also quite unique in that they must be compatible with the locks you choose. Bathroom door locks and bathroom handles are usually more robust than other types of locks too due to the high traffic in these areas in both commercial and residential settings. 

Find the perfect bathroom lock and handle for your space below.

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High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Door Accessories

At Doodeals, we’ve been priding ourselves on our extensive collection of internal doors, external doors and door accessories for over 15 years. Pairing our versatile range with our high standard of expertise and customer service we’ve solidified ourselves as one of the UK’s leading door suppliers. Stocking everything from budget-friendly doors to designer doors and all the hinges, handles and locks in between we’ve got something for every style, need and budget.

Why Choose Bathroom Door Fittings?

Bathroom door fittings require a unique configuration that not only supports high-traffic use but allows for privacy and security. We stock a whole host of styles and finishes including chrome, brass and black so whatever your style you can find the perfect pairing. Picking a bathroom-specific fitting over generic fittings ensures the one-way privacy needed for a bathroom as well as durability against steam, moisture and high usage.