Bathroom Door Fittings

Your bathroom door requires a unique configuration within the home. General preference is for your bathroom door to be lockable, but only from one side and without the requirement for a key. It is also a door which will be used numerous times throughout the day, particularly in busier households, so all mechanisms must be robust and long lasting.

Our bathroom door fittings are designed to be easy-to-install, user-friendly and durable, and are available in a superb range of designs and materials.

Turn & Release Levers

A turn and release levers are a simple, elegant and decorative solution for any door which needs to be locked for privacy – this is why they are ideal for a bathroom. The turn and release mechanism allows the door to be locked from the inside without use of a key.

Because turn and release levers are designed for privacy rather than security, they can be opened with a coin or screwdriver from the outside in the event of an emergency.

Bathroom door fittings materials

Our range of turn and release levers are supplied in a number of different materials and are ideally suited for pairing with one of our lever on rose handles. The range of materials includes antique brass, distressed silver, polished and satin chrome, as well as dual finishes featuring satin nickel and polished chrome.