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Internal glazed doors let natural light flow through your home and give the impression of additional space, while solid internal doors offer additional stability, privacy and can help reduce noise levels. Solid internal doors are characterised by their solid panels and absence of any glazing aperture.

Room dividing doors are versatile and great for opening rooms up, making your spaces larger when you need them to be. They are ideal if you want to create a flexible space and are great for party houses!

You can also order internal bi-folding doors, which have a smart concertina design to help reduce space needed for opening. In addition to this, you can also order internal fire doors with fire ratings of FD30 and FD60. 

Internal door materials

At Doordeals, we are specialists in constructing premium quality doors from the highest quality timber available. Wooden internal doors are characterised by their beauty, sturdiness and practicality.

Our impressive range of materials includes oak, clear pine, walnut, hemlock, and white primed wood, with hardwood and softwood available too. Get started right now by choosing your preferred internal door type above.

If you can’t find the size option you require on our website and it doesn’t offer a custom size option, please contact us with your request and we may still be able to offer a bespoke size.

Internal Door FAQs

For more information on the wide range of internal doors we have in stock, please see our Internal Door FAQs.