Weatherboards and Thresholds

Weatherboards and thresholds are designed to provide some key practical benefits, including improved accessibility and weather resistance.

Each is made from the finest quality materials which are ready to finish with a paint or stain. 

Why choose a weatherboard?

Depending on what external doors you have, you will have varying levels of weather resistance. If there are gaps at the base of the door, you may allow water and moisture to creep under the door itself in the event of heavy rain. 

Weatherboards are cleverly designed to remove this issue and prevent water ingress through the door base. Our weatherboards are made of versatile softwood, durable hardwood and timeless oak. All three offer stability and design flexibility, with the option to finish however you wish.

The profile and shape of the weatherboards you receive may differ from those shown in the images.

Types of door threshold available

Door thresholds come in a variety of styles, each with a unique mix of benefits to your home.