We offer a complete range of internal doorsexternal doors, door sets and ironmongery for delivery nationwide.

If you have items in your basket, you will get the opportunity to calculate the delivery charge based on your details as part of the checkout process. You can also see our charges as listed in the table below:

If you are working to a particular deadline we will always do whatever we can to supply your order to meet this date. In instances where an order is particularly time sensitive, please make us aware of this, either by adding a note to your order or by calling us on 0114 2557800.

We'll always give you an honest answer as to whether or not the date is realistic and can be met and will do whatever we can to accommodate this.

We have a number of methods of delivery which we use to deliver orders to customers throughout the country.

Where possible, we prefer to deliver the doors on our own customised vehicles in order to be in full control of the delivery and the goods loaded on to the van.

Deliveries on our own vehicles
We prefer where possible to bring the items you order to you on our own, specially customised vehicles. The main reasons for this are:

  • We are in control of goods the whole time (no third-party courier damages).
  • Our vehicles are customised for better transporting of doors, frames and similar items.
  • Our staff are experienced in handling doors.
  • We are able to be more specific on what time we are with you.
  • We can arrange to contact you two hours, one hour or 30 minutes before we arrive, meaning you don't waste the whole day waiting in.

Whenever it's possible, we'll opt for this method of delivery. This way we can be sure that delivery is done to our standards and we aren't relying on a third party, meaning the goods will arrive in the perfect condition they left our warehouse.

All our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems and satellite navigation systems - allowing us to effectively monitor deliveries and the drivers to find you efficiently.

Please note, our delivery team can only make doorstep deliveries to ground floor locations.

Deliveries via a specialised courier
We also have the option of sending items via a third-party courier, this helps us to maintain a frequency of deliveries within less popular postcodes.

Our logistics partners are always chosen with quality of service in mind, so they are better geared up for transporting such goods than standard couriers.

This method will be used in situations where delivery on our own vehicles isn't possible within a reasonable period of time.

Deliveries via these couriers are normally within 7 working days of the booking being made, the couriers will always be in touch via telephone to arrange delivery.

Deliveries via a next-day courier
On some items, it is possible for us to dispatch items via a next-day courier.

This method is generally used for orders with only accessories, or with particular doors without glazing.

Once items have been dispatched via next-day courier, we will normally email tracking details for the consignment enabling you to keep an eye on the delivery.

Deliveries via a pallet network
In certain instances, after speaking with the customer, we may be able to offer delivery via a pallet network. When a pallet network is used, a kerbside delivery will be made, requiring the customer to take responsibility for taking the items from the kerbside into their property.

Of course! It's no problem at all to collect your order from our warehouse and offices in Chesterfield.

We'd ask that you wait until we tell you the order is ready (we'll send you an email), but once it is, you are welcome to call in at your convenience during our opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 09:00 - 17:00

Saturday to Sunday - Closed

Our address for collection is:

Doordeals Ltd
Broombank Road,
S41 9QJ

Here at Doordeals we always aim to deliver your doors as quickly as possible and we'll always do what we can to accommodate special requests. We don't show exact delivery times on our website due to different items taking different lengths of time to arrive, which can often depend on your specific location.

If you are working to a deadline we, as always, will do all we can to get the goods to you as soon as possible and within your required timescale. In instances where timescales are imperative, please give us a call (0114 2557800) or send an email with what you want, where you want it and when you want it for. We are an honest bunch and will let you know the realistic likelihood of meeting your requirements. One thing is for sure we ALWAYS aim to work around the customer, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

Once an order is placed with us, we'll keep you up to date throughout the entire process. When the order is processed by the staff in our office, you'll get an email advising of the expected lead time. Following on from this, we'll communicate with you via email with any updates to your order and with information on the dispatch and delivery of your items.

As soon as the order is ready for dispatch from our warehouse, we'll look at the most suitable method of delivery at which point either ourselves or our appointed couriers will be in touch to advise.

The cost of delivery of your order will depend on the items you order (i.e. the number of doors and frames) and the location to which you require delivery to.

We prefer to be up-front with our delivery costs, which are always displayed separately rather than being added to the selling price of the product. These can be found on our Delivery page (click here to view).

We also have a handy delivery calculator, which will tell you how much the items you've added to your basket would cost to deliver to a postcode of your choice:

Using our Delivery calculator is easy, simply:

  • Add the items you are interested in, to your basket
  • Click on "View Basket", on the top right-hand side of the website
  • You'll see the list of items and quantities that you've selected, at the bottom of this list, you'll be invited to enter a postcode. Enter the required postcode and click "Calculate".
  • The cost of delivery and the total price for the order will now be shown.

If at any stage you aren't sure of the delivery cost, please feel free to get in touch. Providing we know the items you require and your delivery postcode, we'll always be able to give you a cost and estimated lead time.

We have our own specialised fleet of delivery vehicles meaning we're in total control of your delivery.

We deliver Monday - Friday between 6 am and 8 pm. We'll aim to give you a 3 hour estimated time slot on the day of your delivery. 

Ball-bearing hinges are the most popular hinges for use on standard internal doors. These are fitted with hidden ball bearings within the knuckle of the hinge to offer smooth and reliable usage. These range from just £2.95 to just under £10.00 in price. For internal doors, we recommend using three 3" Ball-bearing hinges. 

Internal door manufacturers generally advise different trimming tolerances. To be on the safe side, we advise that you always check with any documentation provided, or contact us with queries on specific internal door types. Trimming over a manufacturer’s tolerance will void your warranty.

A primed internal door is one that has a primer, or undercoat, applied before painting. Primer assists in adhesion of paint to the surface, increasing its durability and offering additional protection.

Solid core doors can either be constructed from one piece of solid timber or made up of a range of materials including block and particleboard. They are dense, heavy and generally designed to withstand more force than hollow doors. They usually cost more than hollow core doors, but they are well worth the investment for the long lifespan they have. 

Due to their solid core construction, a solid internal door can offer improved noise reduction compared with a hollow door. There is a variety of simple and effective sound-proofing methods which can be used to improve sound reduction further, including padding.

Doordeals is also happy to source doors that come with a decibel rating for sound reduction, in addition to helpful noise reduction items such as acoustic drop seals. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best wood for a solid internal door depends on a number of factors. For example, walnut doors are excellent at absorbing finishes and are highly versatile. Oak doors are beautiful and exceptionally durable. For more information about which wood is best for you, please contact us for advice and best practices, especially if high traffic or wet areas are involved.

30-minute fire door (also known as FD30) is a door that is designed to prevent the spread of fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is the most common type of fire door for residential use.

60-minute fire door (also known as FD60) is a generally thicker fire door that is designed to prevent the spread of fire for a minimum of 60 minutes. These fire doors are generally used in commercial or public buildings where there may be a greater fire risk and more time required to evacuate.

Building regulations state that internal fire doors are required between habitable rooms and stairwells in buildings over 2 storeys high. This does not apply to bathrooms or toilets.

If you would like any advice on what sort of fire door is best for your home, please contact us directly on 01142 557 800 or through our contact form.

A custom door is a bespoke model that lets you choose the height and width of your door if the size you require is not available as standard. If a style that you are interested in doesn’t offer this option, please contact us and we can let you know if it is a model one of our joinery shops could look to produce just for you. 

Bi-folding doors slide open while the panels fold into each other, stacking up against the wall or edge. This is called a concertina (or accordion) effect. The key benefit of this is there is less space required to open them. A regular door requires space in front of it that is equal to its width, so that it does not hit anything when opened. Bi-folds do not require this.

Bi-folding doors can be fitted to open both inwards and outwards. You can choose to have your doors open inwards or outwards depending on your own preferences. Outward opening bi-folding doors are more common because there are more likely to be obstructions (such as furniture) on the inside of a door than the outside.

Tracks are an integral part to how a bi-folding door works. The tracks are the mechanism which allows the bi-folding door to open the way it does. Your tracks should be kept clean and dust-free to keep the opening of your door smooth and effortless.

When choosing the correct size, it is important that you know if your door is listed including the frame, or if it is just the door size. This will have a big bearing on whether the door is suitable for you. If you have any queries relating to this, please get in touch.

A custom door is a bespoke model that lets you choose the height and width of your door if the size you require is not available as standard. If a style that you are interested in doesn’t offer this option, please contact us and we can let you know if it is a model one of our joinery shops could look to produce just for you. 

Custom doors are available both pre-glazed and ready-to glaze. You can use the filters on the left hand size of this page to select this and view all doors that can be glazed or come pre-glazed.

Yes, door frames can be removed and replaced if they are damaged or warped, or if you simply want to update for aesthetic reasons. Replacing a door frame is not difficult, and you do not necessarily need past experience, but we recommend hiring a professional to replace for you if you are unsure of exactly how to do it. 

Yes, your internal door frames will generally be made from the same material or material that is similar to your doors, and they can be painted or finished in the same way. Just make sure you apply even amounts of stain or paint to ensure the results are consistent between door and sidelight.

Alternatively, paint can be used to create a contrast and feature of the door. A popular combination is a white frame around an Oak door, to create a feature of the Oak door.

The internal door frames we sell feature solid timber cores, which are strong, provide a good hold for screws and fixings, and look great too. The veneer laminated construction has the advantage of extra stability and material economy without losing authenticity.

If you need door frames that are fire-rated, Doordeals can help you. We offer frames which when used in conjunction with the right internal fire door and component parts, achieve an FD30 or FD60 fire rating. 

Heat can escape from a room through any unnecessary gap. This includes keyholes and the space between the door and its frame. Draught excluders help by sealing this gap and keeping the heat inside the room. They also help prevent cold air from getting into the room.

Draught excluders sold by Doordeals are made from a variety of materials, including long-life plastic, nylon/rubber, and metal (which includes four versatile colours). 

Our range of draught excluders includes nylon/rubber weather seals, which are available from just £8.00, as well as standard “around door” seals which start at £17.50.

Intumescent strips are ideal for fire rated timber door edges and frames, while nylon/rubber weather seals are suitable for any door frame. Standard “around door” seals are very durable and great for external doors susceptible to more severe weather conditions.

External doors are constructed to a different specification in order to help stand up to the elements and better serve the different purposes they are to perform. External doors are often heavier and thicker than the majority of internal doors. 

There is a variety of hinges that can be applied to external doors. A commonly used hinge on external doors is a butt door hinge. Other types of hinge that can be used on external doors are antique door hinges and hinge fronts (typically used on traditional properties, such as cottages), and parliament hinges, which are often used on patio doors.

Pre-hung doors for external use vary in size and dimensions. The external pre-hung doors we sell at Doordeals range from 762mm (30”) to 915mm (36”) in width, and from 1,981mm (78”) to 2,134mm (84”) in height. All doors sold in pre-hung sets come with a thickness of 44mm. 

To correctly measure for a pre-hung door, you must take note of the following:

  • Jamb width: This is the backside of the interior trim to the backside of the exterior trim.
  • Rough opening: This is the opening between each framing member, as well as from the bottom of the sill to the top of the opening.
  • Exterior opening: Also known as the masonry opening if the door is surrounded by brick or stone. This is the measurement from the outsides of the exterior casing, and then from the bottom of the sill to the top of the trim. 

Yes, an external pre-hung door can be painted. Whether this is done before or after installation depends on the door type and the preferences of the person painting; however, all painting and treatment must be completed before the door is exposed to the elements. Some doors can be unwieldy when not attached to anything, making it easier to make mistakes and accidentally damage the door.

External glazed doors are constructed with glass panels, which act as windows through the door. Glazing is designed to allow more natural light into a room and to help create an elegant look for the exterior of your property. 

Yes, stable doors are a secure external door solution that works perfectly for front and back main entrances. The security qualities of your stable door depend on a number of factors, including the material it is made from and the kind of locks you have installed. It is obviously important that to keep a stable door secure, a good lock is fitted to both upper and lower sections.

Old fashioned stable doors were known to be quite draughty – this is not the case for the stable doors we sell at Doordeals. Our doors are constructed from sturdy, high-quality wood and offer superior draught resistance compared to traditional models.

Hardwood stable doors can be fitted to open both inwards and outwards.

Stable doors can be locked in a number of ways. The most commonly used method is to install a 5 lever mortice sash lock on the upper section, which includes a latch and deadbolt. It is recommended that the deadbolt be locked with a key, while the latch bolt can be operated manually. For the lower section, a key-operated 5 level mortice deadlock can be installed. You should ensure your locks all adhere to British Standards BS 3621.

When installing your new external ready-to-glaze door, we always recommended installing your door so that the loose beading is on the outside. This helps to stop water ingress and creates a step for the water to run down under the loose beading. Always use glazing silicone sealant or glazing tape to ensure your glass is secure and that gaps are sealed to prevent draughts or leaks. 

Our single toughed glazing is 4mm thick. 

When choosing single glazing, please be aware that this may create a "step" on the door where the beading is fitted. 

Our clear double-glazing options are 14mm thick. This is made up of 4mm glass, 6mm gap, and 4mm glass (4/6/4). 

The heritage glazing options are 16mm thick. This is made up of 4mm glass, 8mm gap, and 4mm glass (4/8/4). 

The energy efficiency of our glazing varies on the type of glazing you choose.

Clear Toughened Double Glazing

Our standard double-glazed units are air-filled; with a U-Value of 3.3.

The lower the U-Value, the better the energy efficiency. 

Clear Heritage Glazing

Our heritage units are argon-filled; with a U-Value of 1.7. This is are our most efficient glazing. 

The lower the U-Value, the better the energy efficiency. 

Please note, unless otherwise stated, our doors are not Part-L rated. 

Yes! Unless otherwise stated, our glass is toughened as standard. This means that it will meet current safety standards.

By law, glazing must display a safety mark or "Kitemark" to prove it conforms to the correct standards. This will be visible on all toughened glazing panels that we supply and cannot be removed. 

Doordeals Clear Toughened Glass with Kitemark

Please note: Float glass cannot be supplied toughened due to the small area size.

On all our external and internal doors where there is a choice of glass option, we do not always fit the glass into the door. The glazing may be sent separately from the door or the door will arrive with the glass temporary pinned in place. Should you require the doors to be properly glazed please mention this at the time of order or contact us prior to placing the order. There may be a charge for this service depending on the amount of glazing required.

Need a VAT receipt? No problem, the quickest way to get your VAT receipt is to log into your account (if you created one when ordering). Didn't create an account? No worries, please drop us an email with your name, email, order number, and postcode so that we can send you a copy.

Please note, we can only send a VAT receipt to the original email address on the order.