Door Bolts & Locks

Bolts are a simple and effective manual locking mechanism which can be applied to a number of internal and external door types. Most bolts do not include a key-operated mechanism and can instead be slid into place by hand. 

Door bolts are ideal for internal rooms where privacy is required, such as toilets and washrooms, as well as for external gates.

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Door bolts for internal doors

If you have a room where privacy is desired rather than heavy security, light-duty door bolts are an inexpensive and easy-to-install fixture. These are most commonly fitted onto the inner sides of bathroom, washroom and toilet doors, allowing the occupant to prevent anyone else from entering.

Suitable bolts for this type of application include slide bolts and surface bolts.

Door bolts for external doors

While sashlocks and deadlocks are recommended for front and back doors where maximum door security is required, lighter duty manual bolts are excellent for use on external gates, where they are an effective deterrent against trespassing.

Suitable bolts for external gate applications include black iron straight bolts, flush bolts and barrel bolts.

Key operated door bolts

In addition to the manual bolts mentioned above, we also stock high security rack bolts. These are key operated bolts that are usually fitted in pairs, with one at the top and one at the bottom of the door. Bolts are driven by a key, which turns both bolts into the recesses at the top and bottom of the frame.