External Custom Size French Doors

Our custom French doors are perfect for those refreshing their homes with new patio doors. Whether you’re installing brand-new doors, or already have non-standard doorways, our custom French doors make it easier to achieve a stylish new look in your home and garden. We also have a brilliant collection of standard French doors, making it easy to achieve the desired look, whatever your needs, style or budget. 

Browse the complete collection below and find the perfect style for your home. 

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High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Doors

At Doordeals, our collection has been expertly developed to combine style with substance resulting in beautiful, high-quality doors every time. Whether you’re looking for luxury designer doors or budget-friendly doors, our collection promises something for every style, budget and need from internal doors to external doors and even accessories.

Need some help? Create a stylish look with ease using our pre-hung door sets, complete with doors, hinges, door furniture and more. 

Why Choose Custom-Sized Doors?

Our custom-sized doors allow our customers to achieve the desired look, whatever their project, whether they’re creating new doorways or refreshing old ones. Available in a range of pre-selected sizes or completely custom dimensions our custom doors help you achieve the perfect fit and maximum security, particularly on external doors. 

Don’t settle for second best, customise your doorways with confidence and shop our external custom doors today.