Trade account signup

Thank you for your interest in creating a trade account.

A trade account on our website will allow you to easily place orders and track your order history, with the added benefit of earning discounts off future purchases.

The more you spend with us, the more you will save.

Having a trade account will also make you eligible for special "trade-only" offers periodically.

How does it work?

Once you have a trade account, each and every time you log in with your username and password, the system will know your total spend to date and give you the appropriate discount automatically at the checkout stage.

Orders you make logged into your account will be logged against your total purchases and over time will allow you to earn higher levels of discount.

Current Discount Levels:

Total Purchases to Date Discount Percentage
Please note: Only orders placed logged into your trade account will be logged and counted towards your total spend to date.
£1000 to £7500 2.5%
£7501 to £12500 5%
£12501 to £20000 8%
£20001+ 10%

How can I sign up?

In order to apply for a trade account, please fill in the form below:

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