How to choose a door handle


Choosing between a door knob or handle can cause trouble, particularly with so many different options available.

To help you make that decision we've put together a few thoughts on just what you should be taking into account.

In past times the main type of handle available was a brass lever on a backplate, with the main choice being between a victorian or georgian lock. Nowadays though, there are all sorts of different finishes available, ranging from brass and black iron to polished chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel and even carbon fibre levers, to name but a few.

It'll probably help to open up the selection of door knobs/hanldes we have available on site, just to give you some inspiration.

What kind of style do you want?

Next you should think in a little depth about the kind of style you're going for within your home.

Black iron furniture is commonly associated with farmhouse living or a barn conversion, while chrome finishes are a little more modern and work better in newer homes, or city apartments.

Small accessories like door knobs are a good way to achieve the theme and style you're after, so even though it may seem odd, try to imagine your choice in the context of the room and what look you're trying to achieve.

Lever on rose

Particularly in vogue at the moment is the lever on rose. These levers dispense with the large square back section of the handle and replace it with a "rose".

This trend started with commercial applications and has long been popular on the continent, but is now starting to gain momentum in homes across the UK.

It's popularity is likely to be because the lever on rose looks a little less chunky than the lever on a backplate, although it requires a separate escutcheon if you require a lock or a privacy turn.

Taking a look at the options

The best way to decide on the type of handle you want is to browse the options available and see which one you like best:

Lever on rose
Lever latch handles
Lever lock handles
Lever bathroom handles
Door knobs

Practical considerations

How your door looks isn't the only thing you need to think about though, you should also consider who is going to be using it.

Young children are a particular issue - you may want to avoid handles with pointed or sharp edges if these are to be at head height for youngsters.

It's also worth bearing in mind that lever handles are quite easy to open, so you may find a toddler going through doors much sooner than you might like.

Door knobs come with their own set of challenges when used in the wrong situations; they can be difficult to operate for older people with restrictive movement in their hands. When used on external doors, these can be more difficult to open with wet hands, or whilst carrying shopping bags.

Locks - for privacy

The privacy angle is particularly important on bathroom and bedroom doors, so you should think about picking matching handles, some with locks and some without. Many people choose to have a lock on the master bedroom door, but not children's bedroom doors.

If you choose a lever on a backplate you have the choice of a lever lock (key hole), lever latch (more plain), or a "turn" for a bathroom.

Many people forget that they need to buy a lock in conjunction with a handle - we'll look in more depth at the different lock options in an upcoming blog post.

In conclusion

Choosing the right door handle relies heavily on your personal taste. However, make sure you have considered the practical issues first, because this will cut out some of the options and make your decision a lot easier.

Remember - this small part of your home can make a big difference to the overall impression you create - so pick carefully!