Custom sized door materials

We specialise in high-quality timber doors, and our custom external range is available in some of the finest woods you will find. The options are hardwood and softwood, with oak, redwood and hemlock also available. Each timber has its own unique benefits, so we are confident you will be able to find the perfect door in the perfect size for your property.

External Door FAQs

For more information on the wide range of external doors and gates we have in stock, please see our External Door FAQs.

Ready to glaze & ready to finish

Each of these doors comes with a perfect, smooth surface that is ready to be topped off with a paint or stain based finish. If you need any tips for how to finish your custom door after it arrives, check out our dedicated door care information resources. 

As well as solid panel doors, you can also get ready-to-glaze external door models in custom sizes. Ready-to-glaze doors do not come pre-glazed, so you can fully customise your new door with any type of glazing you prefer. These doors will not be supplied with glass. If you require this, try our pre-glazed external doors instead.