Multi Point Lock

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Key features

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About this product

This Multi-Point locking system contains everything you need to get your door secure. It includes the locks, keys, and keeps.

The patented Vectis encompasses ERA's traditional lever technology used in mortice locks for centuries; combined with today's need for modern locking systems.

The Vectis is designed to meet the requirements of PAS 23/24 & Secured by Design when used as part of a compliant doorset. Patented 5 Lever operation eliminates the need for euro cylinder operation. No euro-cylinder means the Vectis is free from cylinder manipulation, snapping and plug extraction.

No Euro Cylinder, so...

  • No Bumping
  • No Breaking/Snapping
  • No Plug Extraction

The Locking Mechanism

  • Designed to meet the requirements of PAS 23 and PAS 24
  • Licensed by Secured by Design
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Non-handed lock mechanism with reversible sash bolt to suit left-hand or right-hand openings
  • Snib facility as standard on all door locks
  • Central brass deadbolt throws 22mm to prevent unauthorised entry
  • Bi-directional throw of locking features - enhanced anti-jemmy feature
  • Twin high security forged brass hooks for anti-separation resistance - 10mm (maximum) engagement into keeps
  • Hooks deadlocked in the fully thrown position
  • Patented adjustable steel keeps giving 2mm tolerance

Forged brass hooks, which work in association with the rollers, guarantee a high-security combination. The bi-directional action of the hooks maximises resistance to anti-lift and separation. This provides a strong security barrier against forced entry. The hooks are deadlocked into the locked position via the gearbox.

The gearbox is manufactured from materials including steel and zinc diecast. It accepts a range of unsprung 92mm centre door furniture. The gearbox is engineered with a patented mechanism using a split handle spindle facilitating left/right hand, lever/lever and lever/pad installations, so reducing unnecessary stockholding of different product versions.

A range of quality continuous and multi-keeps are available, designed to accept profile-specific packers. Keeps are supplied with clip-on dust covers to finish and protect the lock features from debris.

Spindle Operation

These multi-point locks can be fitted with either a solid or split spindle depending on your choice of operation. Both spindles are supplied and your preferred option should be chosen from the options below:

Option 1 - Standard Operation

With the standard operation, the handle operates the latch from both the inside and outside of the door and the lock must be used to secure the door. If you push down on either the inside or outside handle, the latch will be operated and the door will open if not locked with the key.

To achieve this, you must use the Solid Square Spindle.

Option 2 - "Night Latch" Operation

With "Night Latch" operation the handle operates the latch from only the inside of the door and the key must be used from the outside in order to gain entry. If you push down on the inside handle the latch will be operated and the door will open if not locked with the key. If you push down on the outside handle, the latch WILL NOT operate and the door will not open, regardless as to whether or not it's locked with a key. Turning the key in the lock from outside will operate the latch and allow you to open the door.

To achieve this, you must use the 'Split' Spindle, ensuring that the spindle end with the spring is inserted into the Outside handle.


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