How to separate and blend your living space: using interior doors effectively


Creating a living space that possesses its own identity and blends in with the style of the conjoining rooms can be tricky. Knocking through can give you all the space you need, but going for an open-plan solution can sacrifice the much needed privacy between rooms. By contrast, fully separating living areas means you lose out on natural lighting and the flexibility between living areas.

Clever use of interior doors can result in the best of both worlds; they can be an elegant centrepiece between rooms which also allow you to open up or partition off rooms as and when you need to.

Here are a few ideas about why you should consider interior doors when thinking about separating or blending your living space:

Brighten up your rooms

Natural light is so important for the living area; it adds an airy and spacious feel to the home and has a beneficial effect on people and pot plants alike. Products like glazed french doors ensure that the living area is as sunlit as possible throughout the year and is a particular delight during the summer months. Single glazed internal doors have the same effect, while white internal doors help reflect sunlight throughout the room.

Merge or separate the living areas

Having a large and spacious living area can be appealing, it’s perfect for families and parents that need to multi task throughout the day and when the connecting doors are open it can feel like a seamless merge between the rooms. Internal folding doors are also perfect at shutting off rooms when necessary. When work needs to be done in the conjoining room or if you’re craving some peace and quiet in front of the television in the evenings you can just pull the doors together for a cosy feel.

Create a blended living area

Blending rooms is very much dictated by the interior design of your living areas, but interior doors can either act as a portal between styles or as the seamless meeting point of two similarly styled rooms. It’s worth considering whether a contemporary or traditional design will be the most suitable to compliment your interior perfectly.

Host for more people

Interior doors are a great way of creating space in the room when playing host to a large group of people. They can ensure that a get-together really lives up to its name, being an occasion where everyone is in the same area instead being of split between rooms! They also act as a stunning centrepiece between rooms and add greatly to the aesthetics of your interior.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas about the uses of interior doors for creating light and shade, combining or separating different styles and creating a versatile living space. As ever, should you need advice or help requiring any aspect of internal doors, room dividers or door pairs, feel free to give us a call on 0114 2557800 or drop us an email at