ZH Disabled Turn & Release

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About this product

The Disabled Turn & Release is an elegant and decorative solution for doors which are required to be locked for privacy.

When used in conjunction with a matching door handle, a neat and attractive look can be created to compliment your doors and other ironmongery.

This turn and release feature a 50mm diameter screw on rose and with a larger handle/bar is designed to be accessible for all.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial usage, this turn and release complies with BS EN 1634-1.

This turn and release are suitable for usage on FD30/FD60 rated fire doors.

The outside of the turn and release features an indicator that shows the status of the lock at a glance, handily displaying whether or not the bathroom is in use.

Should the door need to be opened in an emergency, it can be unlocked from the outside with the aid of a coin or a screwdriver.


This turn and release are supplied in a Satin Stainless finish.

Things we thought you may need to know!

This turn and release works in conjunction with our Deadbolts and Bathroom Sashlocks (sold separately).

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