Nylon/Rubber Weather Seal

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About this product

This Nylon/Rubber Weather Seal is a non-rot weather seal designed specifically for timber frames.

This seal will stay looking good for years, with it's water repellent foam ensuring the product is unaffected by rot, mould or mildew.

A unique design makes the product impervious to paint and stain, which will save time when it comes to the decoration and maintenance of your doors and frames.

Designed to fit within a groove in your frame, this seal will offer consistently high standards of energy efficiency, this seal is a great choice for those looking to conserve energy and improve comfort levels.

This weather seal is supplied in 5-meter lengths and is available in a choice of either Brown or White to suit your preference.

Things we thought you may need to know!

This weather seal is made from durable and UV resistant polyethylene cladding bonded to resilient urethane foam.

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