House & Door Numerals

Make your house easier to find for visitors (and the postal services) by choosing our attractive, high-quality door numerals. Door numerals are a simple and highly cost-effective way to ensure guests know which house to visit, but they also offer excellent decoration, character and kerb appeal.

We offer two types of door numeral at Doordeals, each giving you digits between 0-9 to create any numerical combination. These are the C1560 numerals and slightly bolder C1566 numerals – both are 3” in height and can be easily installed with screw fixings.

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Door numeral materials

Front doors come in a variety of materials and styles, which is why we’ve made sure our range of door numerals is varied enough to fit any external door type. 

Our door numerals are available in a standard size font, as well as a bolder version, in polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome and antique brass. For more information, click on the numerals you are interested in above.