About our custom sized door pairs

Our external door pairs are available in a useful range of standard sizes, from 915mm (36”) to 1,524mm (60”) in width, and with a standard height of 1,981mm (78”).

If our standard sizes aren’t quite right, we also offer our entire range below in custom sizes and dimensions. Simply pick your preferred door from the selection below and chose ‘Custom Size’ from the ‘Size’ options.

These doors are made to order, so there is a lead time of approximately two to three weeks for manufacture.

Hemlock custom door pairs

We predominantly manufacture our custom door pairs from solid hemlock. We feel this exceptional timber strikes a perfect balance between quality, sturdiness and affordability. Hemlock is easy to work with and finish and exhibits a beautiful grain texture even after staining.

We recommend regularly treating your exterior hemlock doors to protect it from the elements and keep its lovely woodgrain highlighted. When sanding down, we recommend you only use finer sandpaper to prevent and uneven surface.