Wooden Gates

Discover adaptable, scenic and practical gates constructed from the highest quality timber. At Doordeals, we pride ourselves in providing gates you can trust, offering privacy, security and design flexibility. 

Our gates are available in high-quality hemlock and redwood, and prices start at just over £66, so you are sure to find a gate to suit your budget.

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Types of garden gate available

Our splendid, hand crafted gates combine traditional, tried and tested construction techniques with top quality timber do provide stability, durability and looks.

Our range includes arched top gates with an attractive curved top to contrast nicely with its surrounding wall or fence, in addition to framed, ledged and braced gates for enhanced stability.

Our timber gates are available in a superb range of sizes to suit any project – from a slender 24”  (609mm) to 36” (915mm). If our standard sizes aren’t quite suitable, we are pleased to offer a made to measure custom size option for our gates too.

How our gates are constructed

These gates are also known as ‘batten doors’ and are easily recognisable thanks to their simple and effective construction. These gates most commonly feature a series of battens, which are the vertical pieces of timber rowed together to form the main surface of the gate. These battens can be positioned with or without deliberate gaps between them. Support and stability is generally provided by a series of ledges. These are the horizontal planks that stretch the width of the gate. Some gates have single ledges, while others have multiple ledges. 

Additional support and strength comes from a gate’s braces, which are the diagonal pieces connecting the horizontal ledges. Ledges and braces serve to reduce the chance of a gate warping or losing its shape, in addition to making it sturdier against force. Some side gate or batten door models have a frame, in addition to braces and ledges. These are known as Framed, Ledged & Braced (FLB) gates. The frame serves to maximize the gate’s strength and stability.

External Door FAQs

For more information on the wide range of external doors and gates we have in stock, please see our External Door FAQs.