PM Mendes

Our range of designer doors wouldn’t be complete without our PM Mendes collection, boasting some of the most stylish internal doors and external doors in a variety of finishes, colours and styles from cool and contemporary to classic and timeless. 

All PM Mendes doors are backed by 50 years of expertise and innovation, with each of our Mendes doors also benefitting from a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, for extra peace of mind. 

Discover our collection of PM Mendes doors below and find yours:

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High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Doors

With over a decade of expertise and dedication under our belts, at Doordeals, we’ve developed a versatile collection of internal doors, external doors and door accessories boasting some of the best names in doors and door hardware. Our in-house customer service and expert knowledge bolstered by the expert quality of our suppliers set us apart from the rest. From budget-friendly solutions to luxury doors such as JP Mendes, LPD Doors,  and more we’re sure you’ll find something in the Doordeals collection.

Why Choose PM Mendes Doors?

At Doordeals, we exclusively work with suppliers who meet our exacting quality and customer care standards. PM Mendes has been perfecting the quality of their products for 50 years, with a generous 10-year warranty endorsing the longevity of each door in their collection. Whether traditional or contemporary, PM Mendes has consistently diversified their collections to become one of the most popular names in internal and external door design.