Ashover External FD30 Door Set

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Key features

Important: The sizes listed are door sizes, please see sizing table in the product description for overall opening sizes needed!
  • Material: Composite / Timber Core
  • Application: External
  • Fire Rating: FD30 Fire Door
  • Finish Type: Pre-Finished
  • Core: Solid Core

About this Doorset 

The Ashover External Doorset is an ideal choice for those looking for a high-specification entranceway that ticks a number of boxes in terms of third-party certification, security and features. 

Featuring a traditional 4-panel design topped with a semicircle aperture, this door is perfect for those wanting to bring light into their entryway, with the choice of pre-fitted fire-rated double glazing in either clear or stippolyte for extra privacy.

Created from an architect-led design process, this fire-rated entryway door set gives peace of mind and proven performance. 

With ultra-low maintenance, there is no need for painting or staining, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.

Why choose this Doorset?

This doorset:

  • Is highly durable against weather, vandalism and crime.
  • Secure By Design accredited & PAS 24 accredited.
  • Features a DDA-compliant slimline aluminium threshold.
  • Features a 10-year guarantee on the frame and door.
  • Features a 5-year guarantee on the hardware.
  • Has a solid timber core door leaf and frame for consistent and proven fire protection.
  • Is maintenance-free.
  • Has been tested to the highest standards and third-party certificated.

Customise your Doorset how you want it! 

As we process your order, we’ll send you a form to select your preferences such as hinge position (left or right side) and opening preferences (inward or outward opening) allowing you to create the perfect entryway for your home. Be sure to look out for the form in your email inbox.


The Ashover doorset is available in a range of colours to suit your style. 

  • White (RAL9010)
  • Black (RAL8022) 
  • Blue (RAL5011) 
  • Green (RAL6009) 
  • Grey (RAL7016) 
  • Red (RAL3011) 

Please note the internal door colour and UPVC frame will be supplied in white (RAL9010).


Door SizeOverall External Door & Frame DimensionsSuggested overall opening
762mm x 1981mm x 44mm872mm x 2051mm x 70mm882mm x 2061mm
813mm x 2032mm x 44mm923mm x 2102mm x 70mm933mm x 2112mm
838mm x 1981mm x 44mm948mm x 2051mm x 70mm958mm x 2061mm
915mm x 1981mm x 44mm1025mm x 2051mm x 70mm1035mm x 2061mm
726mm x 2040mm x 44mm836mm x 2110mm x 70mm846mm x 2120mm
826mm x 2040mm x 44mm936mm x 2110mm x 70mm946mm x 2120mm
926mm x 2040mm x 44mm1036mm x 2110mm x 70mm1046mm x 2120mm

Things we thought you may need to know!

As these doorsets are manufactured to your requirements, lead times for manufacture can vary, please get in touch with us for more information. 

This Fire Door System must be fitted and installed by trained and competent personnel from installation companies who are UKAS-accredited organisations.

Images are supplied for illustration purposes only.

R30 Fire Door System is independently and successfully tested by UKAS accredited bodies to the following standards:

• Dual Certification – Doorsets certificated and supplied to the same specification for fire, smoke and security performance

• Complete Doorset “supplied complete with all essential parts from a single source…” as defined in BS EN 12519

• EN 1634-1 Fire tested bi-directionally – as required in Building Regs Approved Doc B (ADB)

• Third-party Certification for Fire & Smoke

• ✔ ISO 9001 & Factory Production Control System

• Traceability back to one source

• EN 1634-3 Smoke Tested

• PAS 24:2016 Security Tested & Dual Certified – required in Approved Document Q (ADQ) for Security in Dwellings

• Secured by Design accredited

• BS 6375-2 Mechanical strength tested including soft & heavy body impact, hard body impact, load bearing

• BS EN 1191 & BS EN 12046-1 tested to resistance to repeated opening & closing

• BS 6375-1 Weathertightness tested in accord with BS EN 1027:2000

• BS 6375-1 Air permeability tested in accord with BS EN 1026:2016

• BS 6375-1 Resistance to wind load in accordance with BS EN 12211:2016

• Assists BS 8300 (formerly DDA) accessibility as defined in the Equalities Act – as required in Building Regs approved document M (ADM)

Choosing your doorset

Design your perfect entryway, there are a number of different customisation options to configure for your doorset. 

You can pick your:

  • Door Size 
  • Colour 
  • Hinge Position (Left or Right Side)
  • Opening (Inwards or Outwards) 
  • Optional letter plate and knocker. 

Once you have placed your order, we’ll email you a form to design your doorset, your way.

Your doorset features

Multipoint lock 

Keep your entryway safe and secure, our R30 doorset is supplied with a multipoint locking system, a 3" euro cylinder with turn and DDA compliant chrome handle. 

Door Closer 

Power adjustable door closer (TS.9205) -  Ensure your FD30-rated entryway remains closed after use to contain a fire in the event of an emergency. Tested to BS EN1154 & CE marked to power size 2-5.

Door Chain

Add an extra layer of security with the included door chain. This door chain is FD60-rated, TS3000 approved and awarded the secured by design approval.



See who is at your door without compromising your security, our R30 doorset is supplied with a viewer for your convenience and safety. 

Letterplate (Optional)

The optional fire-rated security letter plate will be supplied and fitted in line with the door handle. It features a pivoting stay mechanism which reduces internal flap opening to 37° for protection against ‘key fishing’.

Knocker (Optional)

The 6" Victorian Urn Door Knocker finished in polished nickel will add class and style to any front door. FD60 Rated. 

If there is anything you are unsure of, our friendly team are here to help.

Give us a call to discuss on 0114 2557800 or drop us an email at