Oak Wexford Pocket Door Kit

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Key features

  • Material: Oak
  • Application: Internal
  • Fire Rating: Non-Fire Door
  • Finish Type: Ready to finish
  • Brand: LPD Doors

About this Door Kit

The Oak Wexford Pocket Door Kit is a simple but elegant unfinished oak door, ready to be finished to your tastes. 

Featuring a combination of both modern and traditional design this door is sure to stand out in your home. 

We've put together this combination of an LPD Oak Wexford door and a sliding door kit (either self or pre-assembled) for your ultimate convenience! Our Pocket door systems are ideal for anywhere you don’t want a door encroaching into the room so that you can make the most of your internal space!

We've listed these as the door size, to find the perfect size for your project please see the sizing chart below.

Pocket System

Make the most of your space with the Flusso pocket door system from LPD Doors. This innovative pocket system allows your doors to effortlessly disappear into the wall, letting you make the most of your room. 


The Flusso pre-assembled set is our most convenient system which contains a cassette-like corrugated steel sheet structure for extra rigidity and rapid installation in as little as 15 minutes. These heavy-duty pre-assembled sets are ideal for large-scale construction projects or home renovations. 

Self Assembled

The Flusso self-assembled set is ideal for small projects such as home renovations, this pocket door system can be fully installed in as little as 30 minutes. Supplied in 7 pieces to assemble into 1 kit. 



Door SizeWalk Through AreaStructural Opening SizeCassetteFinished Wall Size
686mm x 1981mm 656mm x 1970mm1466mm x 2080mm700mm125mm
762mm x 1981mm732mm x 1970mm1592mm x 2080mm750mm125mm
838mm x 1981mm808mm x 1970mm1818mm x 2080mm900mm125mm

Self Assembled 

Door SizeWalk Through AreaStructural Opening SizeFinished Wall Size
686mm x 1981mm 656mm x 1970mm1382mm x 2075mm 125mm
762mm x 1981mm732mm x 1970mm1534mm x 2075mm 125mm
838mm x 1981mm808mm x 1970mm1686mm x 2075mm 125mm

Things we thought you should know!

Comes with a 20-year hanger system guarantee for extra peace of mind. 

Our pocket door systems are designed to be used in partition walls. Creates a finished wall of 125mm. 

Supplied unfinished, these doors are able to take a stain or paint finish. 

The correct storage, fitting, and finishing of your new doors are very important factors in getting the best out of your purchase.

Please always avoid the use of water-based finishing products as this may cause the door to bow, warp or delaminate. Using these types of products will invalidate your guarantee.

Before finishing your door, we would always recommend reading our Door Care information which can be viewed by clicking here, along with any additional manufacturer's documentation supplied with the door itself.

These doors are manufactured using laminated veneered lumber (LVL). LVL or more commonly known as “engineered timber” is a modern method of construction that is economical with the use of natural timber resources.

The main parts & rails of the door are usually constructed using solid strips/blocks of timber (some internals may contain a laminated board and/or particleboard), which are then glued and then clamped together.

They are then faced with a veneer and edged with a solid timber “lipping”. The benefits of using engineered construction doors over more traditional methods are that it is far more unlikely to twist or split (we do not get problems with panels splitting) and possibly the most important reason is that it is much more eco-friendly!

If there is anything you are unsure of, our friendly team are here to help.

Give us a call to discuss on 0114 2557800 or drop us an email at info@doordeals.co.uk.

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