Choosing a door for your bungalow


For people looking for a nice, cosy home that is easy to look after, you really can't make a better choice than a bungalow. The simple, one-story homes have heaps of charm, and are perfect for people without large families.

When it comes to the décor of such a house, however, many people make a very simple mistake: assuming that what works in a two-storey home will work for a bungalow. Actually, this will not usually be the best choice. Bungalows are surprisingly different from normal homes, and your design must play up to this.

Designing your bungalow just like the two or more-storey homes around it is a mistake. It will make the house look short and dumpy rather than cosy and easy-going. You need to design your home around the bungalows strengths. Part of this can be done with a good choice of front door.

Bungalows need a good external door to cap off the look of the outside of the house. The style of such a door should emphasise the homeliness of such a house, while also avoiding making the house look too small or squat. These doors can be elaborate or simple, as long as they follow certain rules.

Avoid long and thin

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a front door for a bungalow. If your choice is slim and tall, it will look very out of place in a bungalow. In fact, it can end up making the rest of the house look short and flat in comparison. This is almost always a bad idea.

Similarly, you should avoid anything with hints of vertical stripes. This effect is usually achieved with vertical grooves in the door from top to bottom. If these stripes are unbroken, they will draw the gaze upwards and emphasise the relatively small height of your bungalow.

Instead, opt for something wide with large panels, or even horizontal stripes. The Oak Modena is a perfect example; the bulky horizontal sections make the door look hefty and wide, and in a bungalow this has the effect of making the overall home look much taller and less flat.

Don't be afraid to glaze

Glazed doors are often conspicuously absent from bungalows. It is possible that bungalow owners feel more exposed, and so do not want to lose any privacy by installing a window in their front door. However, from a design perspective this is a mistake, as glazed doors go excellently in these homes.

The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, it breaks up the door, preventing the front of the home from looking too flat. Because bungalows can't have as many windows as two-storey homes, they can often seem a little featureless. A glazed door can remedy this nicely.

This is particularly true if you opt for something a little more daring, like the Hardwood Malton with Rother Glass. This door is busy enough to give character to the front of a bungalow, without being too cluttered and making the house look messy. The glazing adds texture to the front of the home excellently.

The second reason to go for glazed doors is that they are more inviting. Bungalows look very friendly, and it would be a mistake not to capitalise on that. A simple door like the External Hemlock Owston can be used to show you have nothing to hide, which is very welcoming and makes a bungalow look homely.

If you are concerned about nosy passers by, you can invest in etched glass or curtains so that people cannot easily see through this window. Your home will still look just as welcoming and friendly, but without compromising your privacy.

Go traditional

You shouldn't be afraid to go a bit wild with bungalow doors, as many styles will look good, but for the most welcoming effect it is better to go for more traditional models emphasising homeliness rather than exciting modern designs.

The Hardwood Notting Hill is a perfect example of a door that will bring a traditional feel to a bungalow. It's style is almost historical, and it looks just rustic enough to be warm and friendly without seeming run-down or cheap.

These suggestions will help you to choose a door that will really make your bungalow something to be proud of.

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