External Solid Doors

Our stunning range of external solid doors features durable options produced from a wide range of high-quality materials and covers a multitude of materials and designs, so you can be sure to impress every visitor.

Your external doors should be beautiful, secure, versatile and durable. Our solid external doors range includes both softwood and hardwood options that tick all these boxes, with prices that you will love. 

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Why choose our solid external doors?

Only premium materials are used to manufacture our doors, and each is made with meticulous care and attention to detail for unequalled quality.

With all of our external doors, every effort is made to ensure that all timber comes from sustainable forests.

The solid external wood doors in our range are designed and crafted to withstand the harshest weather so they will last for many years when treated in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

With nearly 30 external solid doors to choose from, covering all budgets, design tastes and practical requirements, we are confident you will find what you are looking for. Solid doors feature no glazing apertures and can be made from both solid timber as well as materials such as block and particle board. 

Solid front and back doors

External solid doors are most commonly used for primary front and back entrances. Your front and back doors should always combine style with security. Each of our front doors is as beautiful to look at as it is secure to live behind. 

Our front and back doors even come with custom size options at a slight additional cost.

Solid external door materials

We sell external doors in a wide range of high quality timber, offering several practical and visual benefits. Both hardwood and softwood options are available, including oak, redwood and hemlock. If you are looking for a glazed front or back door, we have a great range of these available too.

What to look for with a solid external door?

A perfect door is down to your personal circumstances and taste, but when shopping around for an external solid door, you should certainly look at the following:

Noise reduction

Do you live in a noisy area? Perhaps there is a lot of traffic nearby or you live on a street that gets noisy on a Friday night. Hardwood external doors to offer better noise reduction than softwood – which should be taken into consideration when choosing your front or back door material.


Doors, like windows, should always keep you safe from the elements. This means keeping the cold out and the warm in. Some solid external door materials, such as wood, are better at keeping your house warm. This should definitely be considered when picking your front and back doors.


External doors will be exposed to the elements, and will require ongoing maintenance to ensure longevity, including topping up of paint and varnish if applicable. This is very easy to take care of but the regularity of this will vary by wood type chosen.


Nothing is more important than safety and security. Your front and back external doors should be solid, robust and resistant to breakage. Hopefully you will never have to deal with an attempted break in, but if you do, you can be confident that a solid, durable external door will go a long way to help keep your property secure. 

External Door FAQs

For more information on the wide range of external doors and gates we have in stock, please see our External Door FAQs.