Wooden Garage Doors

Your garage door is one of the most important external doors of your property, both in terms of security and aesthetics. This is particularly important if you use your garage to store your vehicle, tools or other valuables. The ideal garage door must be able to deter and withstand any attempts at forced entry - this is why the garage doors we sell at Doordeals are strong and very well constructed.

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The benefits of a wooden garage door

Our garage doors are constructed from the highest quality European Redwood, meaning they are strong, sturdy and offer a more natural character than composite or metal varieties. Our garage doors are also made with traditional mortice & tenon, wedged and glued construction.

Wooden garage doors offer flexibility in design; you can stain or paint them to complement the exterior of your home. They are traditional in appearance but modern in function. Wood does require more maintenance than metal; however, the routine maintenance required is simple and straightforward.

Glazing can further enhance the appearance of a wooden garage door, and we offer a beautiful glazed model with the option for toughened clear and patterned glass for added security. 

Garage door sizes

The timber garage doors that we provide include sizes of 1,981mm (78”) by 2,133mm (84”), in addition to 2,133mm (84”) by 2,133mm (84”). If neither of these is quite right for your garage, you can choose to have a custom size garage door made to measure at a slight increase of cost. Whatever size garage door you are looking for, Doordeals can help make it happen for you at a price you will love. 

Garage door maintenance tips

A beautiful garage door is something to be proud of, and you can ensure it looks as good as new for longer with these easy and effective maintenance tips.

Firstly, you should always keep your wooden garage door clean as a whistle. A cloth with hot water will remove any dust or dirt that can make your garage door look worn and tired. This can also make re-decorating a less regular requirement. 

Regular lubrication of any door mechanism, and maintenance of hinges, is also important. It is recommended you make sure your mechanisms are adequately oiled around once a month. This will prevent your garage door becoming stiff and harder to open and will prevent any unpleasant noises.

Re-sanding and staining every 3-5 years can make sure your garage door looks as good as new and will also top up its protection from bad weather and other elements.

Keep a close eye out for mildew or moss build-up and make sure this is removed immediately and be sure to remove any lingering dirt around the hinges or opening mechanisms – remember to re-lubricate after cleaning. 

If you need any assistance in maintaining your garage door, please send us a message and we will be happy to offer advice.

External Door FAQs

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