Door Letter Plates

Letter plates are simple and conventional but nonetheless vital additions to the front door of a property. They are easy to install and, thanks to a huge variety of materials, colours and designs, can be matched with your door and its other furniture.

As well as offering a useful function, a well-chosen letter plate can elevate the overall look of your home and increase kerb appeal in a big way.

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Types of letter plates

Letter plates from Doordeals are available in a variety of styles and materials; whatever look you are going for, you can find the ideal letter plate here to complete it.

Our range includes simple, clean and low-cost interior letter flaps in polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome. For a timeless, traditional style, try our standard antique letter plates, also available in an embossed style. For a more rustic appearance, take a look at our range of ornate black iron letter plates too.

The selection of letter plates available have been carefully selected to work alongside our various doorknobs, handles and other door furniture.

Letter plates with additional functions

A letter plate can be more than a simple depository for post. The range of letter plates we sell also boast additional features which extend their usefulness. For example, we supply letterplates fitted with knockers for a handy 2-in-1 front door feature.

We also supply letterplates and flaps fitted with draught excluders. These feature inter-meshing twin brush designs to resist draughts, stopping you from losing heat and also reducing draught noise.