Postal Knocker Letterplate

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About This Product

The Postal Knocker Letterplate is great for those looking to be kill two birds with one stone. This product doubles as a letterplate and a door knocker which is both visually appealing and space saving on your external door. This Letterplate/Knocker is available in; Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel and Antique Brass.


The Postal Knocker Letterplate has outer frame dimensions of 254mm x 79mm and aperture (opening) dimensions of 185mm x 43mm.


The Postal Knocker Letterplate is available in a selection of finishes:

  • Polished Brass - A Highly Polished Brass effect
  • Polished Chrome - A Highly Polished Chrome effect.
  • Satin Chrome - A Brushed steel, matt effect

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