AR Fire Door Latch Pack

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Key features

  • Application: Internal
  • Fire Rating: Fire-Rated

About this Fire Door Pack

The AR Fire Door Latch Pack is our easy-to-use fire door pack containing everything you need for an FD30 rated fire door when installed in an office or similar environment; ideal for commercial applications. 

Supplied with everything you need, this pack is perfect for saving you time and money whilst ensuring safety - without having to source all the items separately.  

This pack is designed not to lock, but to close on a latch, allowing easy access whilst operating the door, and providing a quick means of escape in the unfortunate event of a fire. 

This pack contains: 

  • 3 x 4” Satin Stainless Grade 13 Hinges (BS EN 1935 : 2002 Grade 13).
  • 3 x Hinge Intumscents.
  • 1x Satin Stainless Latch.
  • 1 x Latch Intumscents.
  • 1  x Satin Stainless 19mm Return to Door Handle (BS EN 1634-1).
  • 1 x Silver Door Closer (Size 3 fixed power, adjustable speed) (BS EN 1634 BS EN 1154 : 1996).
  • 2 x Fire Door “Keep Shut” signs.

Each pack is selected to be suitable for a single internal fire door up to 60kg in weight.

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