Ready Made Hardwood Frame for Sidelights

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Key features

  • Material: Hardwood
  • Application: External
  • Finish Type: Ready to finish
  • Brand: PM Mendes

About this frame

This Ready Made Hardwood Frame For Sidelights is ideal if you have an external door with sidelights (or larger French door). This door frame is kiln-dried which means it has a lower moisture than air-dried timber and therefore it is tough enough to withstand all weather conditions without warping or being moisture logged.

This flat-packed door frame is suitable for 44mm thick doors and is versatile enough to be used to create several different entrance options to your home.

For use with standard 457mm sidelights or the frame can be directly glazed when using additional beading (not supplied).

Can be assembled using only one sidelight if required. This and other adjustments can be made to the frame, making it a versatile option for both standard and non-standard opening sizes.

This frame is supplied with a cill but can be used without.

The door frame features a nylon rubber draft seal (sold separately) to ensure heat is not lost from your home.

Choosing your size

The Size you choose is NOT the outside measurement of the frame. It represents the size of the actual door/s.

Please note that options for 30" double and 33" double are based on two doors rebated together allowing a 12mm rebate.

In order to select the sizing you require, please refer to the table below:

Size OptionTo suit a door size of... (a)To suit sidelights the size of... (b)Approx. overall doorframe size
33" x 78"838mm x 1981mm457mm x 1981mm (x 2)1920mm x 2065mm
30" x 78"
762mm x 1981mm (x 2)457mm x 1981mm (x 2)2586mm x 2065mm


External door frames can be stained or painted. We recommend the use of oil-based finishes. For more details please see our door care leaflet.

Things we thought you might need to know!

This frame comes flat-packed. It has a mortice and tenon construction ready to be glued, wedged and screwed together.

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If there is anything you are unsure of, our friendly team are here to help.

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