External Door with Sidelights & Panels

Sidelights can make a beautiful door even more impressive and bring plenty of practical advantages too. By complementing your external doors with sidelights, you can let additional natural light into the home, and provide an attractive solution if your entrance is wider than a standard door.

Our external sidelights feature a range of glass options, including stunning ornate triple glazing, constructed by encasing the decorative glass between two toughened panes of glass for added safety and ease of cleaning.

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External Sidelight Styles

Sidelights are designed to complement your main door and extend it outwards. They can be purchased in a style that complements your external door to give your entrance a smart and uniform finish.

The external sidelights we sell are available in oak and hardwood, meaning they offer strength, security and a beautifully natural appearance.

Matching Sidelights to your Door

Our sidelights are specially designed to perfectly match and complement your external door. For example, our versatile oak contemporary clear glazed sidelight can be paired beautifully with a variety of solid or glazed external oak doors.

Others work best with specific pairings, such as the oak Derby sidelights, which pair up perfectly with our oak Derby Chameleon external doors.

Need help choosing an external door to match our sidelights? Just contact our team.