External Side Lights

External side lights are a simple way to introduce more natural light into hallways and entrance rooms, particularly if you have solid external doors. These subtle glazed panels compliment both glazed front doors and solid front doors making for a statement entrance in any home. A practical, stylish solution for non-standard doorways these panels can also be repurposed for those wanting to utilise standard-sized doors. 

Browse our collection of external side lights below.

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High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Doors

At Doordeals, we have over 15 years of experience which has helped us create the ultimate collection of external doors, internal doors and door accessories. From glazed doors to hinges and door handles, our collection features everything from budget-friendly options to luxury doors, featuring brands such as LPD and Deanta. We understand that quality and price points are crucial when making an investment, which is why we’re committed to offering the best quality with versatile prices suited to every budget.

Why Choose External Side Lights?

External side lights are a great, budget-friendly way to refresh non-standard doorways, rather than replacing the door itself. An easy, stylish way to improve natural light flow, particularly for those with solid doors or narrow, darker hallways or entrance rooms. Our collection of side lights has been hand-picked for both quality and style, helping you create a stylish doorway with ease.