Frequently Asked Questions


We aim to help you as much as possible in your purchase.

Here is a list of common queries and questions - If you can't find the answer you are looking for then please call us on 01142 557 800 or drop us an email on and we'll do our best to help!



  • Can I submit an enquiry?

    If you would like to submit an enquiry for further information and a custom quote, please place an order as normal and select 'enquiry only' as the payment type. Otherwise you can contact us by phone on 01142 557 800 or email at
  • Will the glass be fitted into the external or internal doors?

    On all our external and internal doors where there is a choice of what glass you require, we do not always fit the glass into the door. The glazing may be sent separately from the door or the door will arrive with the glass temporary pinned in place. Should you require the doors to be properly glazed please mention this at the time of order or contact us prior to placing the order. There may be a charge for this service depending on the amount of glazing required.
  • What is doweled construction?

    Dowel construction doors are made from individual components (top, middle and bottom rails, stiles and panels) which are then jointed together by way of using large fluted dowels, which are then glued and inserted into dowel holes. The whole door is then clamped together using a hydraulic press until dry. This process is used to assemble some external doors and nearly all internal doors.
  • What is Mortice and Tenon (M&T) construction?

    M&T construction means the way in which the door is jointed together. A Tenon peg from one section of timber is let into a "morticed" hole in another section. The Tenon is then glued and wedged into place to secure a solid joint. The door panels are then set in waterproof mastic ensuring that the highest level of weatherproofing is achieved. Doors made from an M&T construction are traditionally better equipped than a dowel construction door to withstand the rigors of severe weather.
  • What is the difference between doors with dowelled construction to that of a door with M&T construction?

    Our dowelled hardwood doors are manufactured from kiln dried timber and are jointed using fluted dowels and modern adhesives. The Mortise and Tenon doors at Door Deals are manufactured from select kiln dried hardwoods and are constructed using traditional Mortise & Tenon joints and modern adhesives. This ensures that the doors are constructed to the very highest standard. The panels are set in waterproof mastic ensuring that the highest level of weatherproofing is achieved.
  • Are my doors solid? What is an engineered construction door?

    The majority of our external and internal doors are engineered. It is a regular practice for both internal and external doors to be made from engineered components which means that doors with a face of pine, ash, oak or walnut often use a veneer over a composite solid core. Coating doors with a real wood veneer provides greater uniformity in colour and enhances the appearance of the door. It also gives the door greater stability and less chance of twisting or splitting. One other benefit is that it is much better for the environment. If you are unsure as to the construction of your door, or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Is the glass in the glazed doors toughened safety glass?

    All glass in our glazed doors is fully compliant with the government’s part N (glazing safety) building regulations. In most cases it’s toughened to BS6206 (A) safety standards.
  • What if I require double glazed units for my external doors?

    Most of our external doors which are above 44mm thick (dowels and M&Ts) are able to accept a 14mm sealed double glazed unit. Throughout our range, there are a large number of doors with either feature, triple glazed or beveled glass.
  • Are the glazed doors Part L Compliant?

    A lot of doors are only able to accept 4mm/6mm/4mm double glazed units. Please check with your local building inspector to see if there is any specific glazing regulations required, especially on French doors or where the glazing is over 50% of the door. Not all of our doors are part "L" compliant. As of December 2009 we have been offering Part "L" compliant Slender Fit Glass (which creates a U value of 1.8kw) on all external doors with a glazing option. If you are at all unsure, please just contact us as we are here to help.

  • Can my door be delivered?

    Yes, we deliver nationwide please click here for delivery info.
  • Do you do custom sized doors/arched frames/purpose made items?

    We have a joinery shop where purpose made doors, frames, arched frames, gates and windows in oak, hardwood and softwood can be made to measure. We are also able to laminate extra timbers to standard door edges to increase the width or height.

    We are more than happy to provide a quotation for anything out of the ordinary, just give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements!

  • How do I find Doordeals?

  • Do you offer a fitting service?

    If you are local to us (South Yorkshire), we may be able to help you, please call us on 0114 2557800.

    If you are elsewhere in the country, we are sadly unlikely to be able to offer a fitting service, you can however find Tradesmen that adhere to Government backed standards using our "Finding Tradesmen" page.

  • How can I treat/finish my doors?

    You are more than welcome to give us a call to discuss on 0114 2557800, you can also find information in our Door Care leaflet which can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • My Hemlock/Redwood door may arrive with extended Stiles, what does this mean?

    As mentioned on the product specification of our Hemlock and Redwood doors, these doors may be despatched with extended stiles (horns).

    This is an intended result of the manufacturing process for a number of reasons (it's not just laziness on the joiners part!), including the important fact that they offer extra protection to the door during transportation and storage.

    Removal of the extended stiles is an easy task which can be achieved quickly during the fitting of the door.

  • The doors have arrived with a glazing film on, so do I still have to check the glass?

    Yes, it's very important, even when doors arrive with a protective glazing film that you check the glass for any scratches or issues. Once the doors have been signed for in good condition and you have begun finishing or fitting the doors, we are unfortunately unable to reimburse for any issues or damage with glazing.